Meet James

Hometown: Frisco, Texas

Grew up in: Seattle, WA  (best city in the world!)

First bass club: I started my own bass club in high school in the '90′s with my friends.

Family:  Married to my wife Lisa since 2004.  I have a son Zeke (2008), daughter Penny (2013), and another son Troy (2014).

Years tournament fishing: Started BASS club fishing in 1996.

Hobbies:  Faith, family, friends, finances.  And can't leave out college football!  Go Huskies & Ducks!!

Something people wouldn't know about you:  Played college football & was 1st Team All-Conference as a true freshman until I left to go into ministry. 

Sports you played:  Rugby for Team USA Rugby (1998). Lettered in football, basketball, track, and baseball during high school.

Favorite waterway: Columbia River, Oregon

Home lake: Lake Lewisville, Texas

Favorite technique: Like most West Coast guys, I pride myself in being versatile so I don't really have a "favorite technique".

Still working on:  Learning to fish the big waterways of the South.

Wildest dream: Helping the world understand who Jesus really is; He's not the guy most people "sell" today.  Also, I've always dreamed of playing a professional sport so touring on the Elite Series would be awesome to me. 

First job: Paperboy in the inner city of Seattle at age 12. Got jumped twice on my paper route then decided to "retire" from that job!

What do you watch on TV:  I really don't watch TV anymore.  I love the series 24 on FOX.

Fear the most: Obama...(kidding!).  haha.  Probably life without divine purpose.  Living for yourself ends up sucking sooner or later.

Words to live by:  God is still with you in your deepest darkest moment in life.  

People you look up too: Every pro out West who hustled and made it professionally. And my Dad most of all; he's been my hero in life.

Favorite lures: Lucky Craft's LV500, BDS3, & Gunfish 95.  Also the Berkley Pit Boss, Slop Craw, Bottom Hopper, and Power Worm are always on the deck.  And a Picasso 1/2oz jig. 

Life is...:  A dead end without realizing who Jesus is.

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