Meet James

It would be hypocritical to mention personal achievements without also giving credit to the One who changed my life in high school and turned me away from many personal insecurities, gangs, drugs, and alcoholism.  I've always said that two books changed my life, the Bible and Bassmasters Magazine…might sound funny, but its true. 

When I met Jesus, He changed me on the inside and my life has never been the same since.

Fishing kept me off the streets and focused on something positive while still allowing me to express my competitive nature.

If you're like I was, knowing there is more to life than what TV, music, and media is tell you...I’d encourage you to give your life to Jesus.  I’m not talking about becoming a “religious person”, I’m talking about getting to know the person of Jesus Christ..

I know this might be a lot to share on a “fishing” website, but I’m just being real so hopefully that’s not offensive to anyone.”

- James Smiley

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