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Bassmaster Federation State Team...AGAIN!

Posted by admin on November 22, 2011

IMG_6875.jpgWell I’m happy to be going back to the Bassmaster Western Divisional for the third year in a row.  The California league has really been getting better and better and this year was the best turn out we’ve had in a long time. 

As the tournament came near, we realized the weather was going to play a major factor in this event.  Cold temps, high wind, and rain was in the forecast.  I can’t remember seeing so much wind and rain on a Southern California lake ever before!  

Overall, only two limits were brought in during both days of competition.  They both came off the same exact location (a road bed in 18-20 feet of water) and both limits were caught in the first 30 mins of each tournament morning.  With so much fishing pressure and the extreme cold front blowing in, I knew fishing was going to be extra tough. 

On day 1 I started out fishing my custom Do It Molds jig (green pkn) around shallow bushes.  Nothing was going on for the first hour or so except a few short strikes.  I switched to a drop shot and caught a few right away on a 6” Berkley hand pour worm in Blue Crawler color.  That day I only boated 4 keepers but it was good enough for 4th place.  Fishing was super tough and only going to get tougher.

Day 2…another major front blew in with higher winds and more rains.  I managed 4 keepers again (I believe) and jumped up one spot into 3rd place.  I only lost the tournament by 0.25lbs or something like that and I had a fish at the net in the last 30 mins that was 1.75lbs or so but he broke my 5lb test line.  I would have easily won.  Oh well, I guess that’s how it goes.  In the AM, I had two fishing right away on the jig in 8-10 feet of water.  I was fishing a channel swing that came up next to a flat in the back of a cove.  Two fish on two straight casts to start the morning out...I was excited but then the bite just died out. 

Well overall I’m just glad to have made the team again.  Having a chance to go back to the National Championship is super exciting.  We’ll have a great Cal Team this year as 8 guy from NorCal also qualified for the team and I hear they are all good fisherman. 

Traveling and fishing the Western Divisional for 8-10 days with a team of guys is probably the funnest trip of the year for me.  Just a bunch of laughs and good times. 

So we’re on to Flaming Gorge Res. on the Utah/WY board in May 2012.  If I had to guess, it’s going to be a smallmouth tournament and probably be just after ice out so pre-spawn fishing mostly.  We’ll see…

As KVD says…”It’s all about attitude!”