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Changes coming...

Posted by admin on January 15, 2012

theyreoff.jpgOne of the West’s most accomplished pro’s told me once “get ready for change" if I wanted to pursue bass fishing as a profession someday.  Well 2012 is shaping up to be just that (full of “change”) and I’m really excited to see how this year is unfolding.

When I first decided to make an attempt to be a touring pro years ago, I started praying for a few key things to happen.  I setup realistic milestones involving family, finances, sponsors, my housing, my boat and gear, etc.  Many of these goals have been realized and some have not yet.

And although I can’t officially say what’s new in 2012 just yet, I will be passing a few major milestones for sure.  I need to finalize a few logistics before sharing with everyone but this year is going to be great!

I considered 2011 a very fortunate and exciting year for me.  I learned a lot about myself and gained a lot of confidence on the water and with my own fishing instincts…all critical learning’s that years ago I falsely thought I possessed.

This year I’m going to be able to lean on last year’s learning’s while moving towards new goals that at one point seemed too far to reach.  And just for the record, no I’m not becoming a touring pro in 2012…I wish!  Lol. 

I’m still going to be a guy working hard at my real job and fishing outside of work as much as family and practical obligations allow.  But I guess just knowing that you’re on the right track in life is all a guy needs sometimes.

Its true what Tebow says…that a lot of life is all about having the right attitude and good things will come.

I have more to share soon…please stay tuned.