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Oklahoma Bassmaster Open coming up…

Posted by admin on August 14, 2011

ok2011_200.jpgWell the weekend warrior fishing is on hold for me for a little while.  The next 2.5 weeks I’ll be prepping for the Oklahoma Bassmaster Open which will include mental, physical, and mechanical preparation.  I see these events as preparation to maybe one day tour full time so I try to take them as serious as I can.

So besides working and family time…I’ll be eating healthier (salads with cranberries, water, etc.), walking/running 5-6 miles a week, and doing push-ups and sit-up each day to strengthen my core.

Why the work outs?  Well fishing ten “twelve hour days” in 95 degree heat isn’t easy. It’s hard to explain but I’ve heard one day of pro bass fishing is equivalent to swinging a baseball bat 400 times a day.

Thinking clearly throughout a day is most important and probably the toughest challenge for me. Being in shape and not in pain is a huge advantage over your competitors if you can get yourself there physically.

Regarding the outcome, I’m not sure what to expect right now.  I know I’m mentally more prepared than ever before.  And I am blessed to have great sponsorships, family support, and financial support which all goes along way in making the trip more enjoyable.

Regarding gear, I need another flipping rod so I have a spare, I need two or three more baitcasting reels to fill out my casting rods, and I probably need to re-organize my hardbaits and spinner/buzz baits so all my river fishing stuff is ready to go and accessible.  I’ll also re-spool all my reels (Izorline mono and XPS Fluoro).  And my boat needs a basic tune up which BPS will take care of this week probably.

A lot to think about during my evenings and weekends over the next few weeks…but for some reason I love every minute of it. :)