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Welcome IZORLINE in 2011!

Posted by admin on August 2, 2011

izorline200.jpgWell I’m re-united with a great company who’s products I grew up fishing with long before I ever thought about sponsors.  Back when I was club fishing and winning small no name, jackpot, tournaments 10+ years ago my favorite fishing line was called Izorline.  Their Platinum brand amazed me b/c it was super smooth to cast (both spinning and baitcasting), very strong, and very very low stretch which I loved in a monofilament line.  Also…the price point was literally as good as it gets.

This Spring one of their employees asked me at a trade show if I had a line sponsor.  “Not really” I replied and I was quite flatter she even asked.  I’d been using Bass Pro Shops XPS Flurorcarbon but hadn’t settled on any monofilament brands and I do use a lot of mono still.  So through some emails and phone conversations, here I am…re-united with a great company & with a product I truly believe in.

Someone asked me this past weekend at Bass Pro Shops “What applications do you use mono for and why?”.  Let me briefly answer that question here:

#1.  Most obvious is topwater fishing.  Mono lines float which is extremely important in topwater fishing as it keeps your topwater moving correctly on top of the water.  Personally, I use a Powell 723, Johnny Morris Signature Series reel (6.4:1), and 12-15lb Platinum Izorline for most of my topwater applications (Sammy’s, Gunfish, G Splash, etc.).  The extra low stretch of Platinum goes a long way when topwater fishing as you can work the bait with less effort.

#2.  Treble hook baits; like crankbaits and jerkbaits.  I’ve tested this on 100s of fish in my local lake (Lake Irvine in CA) and I personaly loss less fish on mono lines vs. fluoros when fishing crankbaits and jerkbaits.  I hook them deeper and land more fish.  Maybe its the way I set the hook or the setup I use…but I have better luck with mono. as do a bunch of touring Elite pros. when it comes to this style of fishing.  I know KVD use only fluoro when cranking, but it doesn’t work for me for some reason.  I use a composite (glass/graphite) 703 and 753 Powell cranking rod, Abu Garcia Revo STX reels, and 12lb Platinum Izorline.  For squarebills, I use a 695CB Endurance Powell rod and 15-17lb Platinum Izorline.

Overall, I think the Platinum has significantly less stretch than most monos out there but it also seems to have 5-7% more stretch than fluoros so to me, its a perfect balanced line for treble hook baits.

Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading and send me a note if you would and let me know how you like the blogs and website.