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Welcoming Texas

Posted by admin on June 8, 2012

553519_10150870666435835_1335938834_n.jpgWell I finally made it.  My wife and I have been talking and praying about moving to the South for some time now and in 2012 it finally happened.  

Gettings settled in Texas has been so easy as the people of the South are the best people in the country.  In the South, people still say "sir", "thank you", etc.  They even let you change lanes without trying to squeeze you out as you hit your blinker.  You West Coast people know what I'm talking about.  lol

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Now the bass fishing...that has been a rude awakening.  lol.  I've had my share of good days out here, but its going to be awhile before I learn to excel in the nation's #1 bass fishing state.  

The biggest different thus far is the lure section and tackle.  In general, my hard plastic lures are brighter in color and my overall tackle is heavier.  Not to mention that in general the fish are shallower that in Southern CA.  

Catching fishing however is very similar but finding them is so key out there.  The lakes are 10 to 40 times larger than Southern CA lakes so that takes some getting use to.

The best bite on the lake can be 20 miles away at times so moving around a lot and knowing how to breakdown sections of the lakes quickly is critical.  

My favor baits are still working like the Berkley Havoc Pit Boss and Lucky Craft LV RTO.  But learning to fish right on the bank and understanding how the fish move around and use cover on the banks is going to be key for me.

Slowly, its all coming together.  I started the Lucas Oil Texas Team Trail pretty much dead last due to a DQ b/c of a rules violation I didn't understand.  So I had no where to go but up from there...lol  I ended the year with my best finish so thats something to build on even though overall it wasn't a stellar finish.

Looking forward to continuing to learn out there.  Thanks for riding along.

"It's all about attitude"